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Canadian-American Junior Hockey League (CAJHL) Announces All-Star Weekend in Edmonton, Alberta

[Vegreville,AB - November 27, 2023]The Canadian-American Junior Hockey League (CAJHL) is thrilled to announce that it will be hosting an exciting All-Star Weekend on February 9th and 10th in Edmonton, Alberta. The skills competition will take place at the Collingwood arena on February 9th, followed by the highly anticipated All-Star game at the Downtown Ice District Oilers Practice arena on February 10th.

The All-Star Weekend promises to be a showcase of the league's top talent, highlighting the skills and abilities of the players from each CAJHL team. The event will provide an opportunity for fans, scouts, and hockey enthusiasts to witness the incredible talent and potential of these young athletes.

To determine the All-Star teams, each CAJHL team will select five forwards, two defensemen, and one goaltender from their roster. These selections will be submitted to the league, and the All-Star teams will be formed through a draft, which will be held at a later date. This unique draft format will ensure a fair and competitive balance among the teams.

In addition to the on-ice action, the CAJHL All-Star Weekend will be streamed live on FloHockey TV, allowing fans from around the world to tune in and support their favorite players. This broadcast will provide an immersive experience, capturing the excitement and intensity of the All-Star game.

"We are thrilled to bring the CAJHL All-Star Weekend to Edmonton," said League Commissioner, Darryl Olsen. "This event is a celebration of the talent and dedication displayed by our players throughout the season. We invite fans, families, and hockey enthusiasts to join us as we witness the future stars of the game in action."

Further details, including ticket information and the draft date, will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the CAJHL website and social media channels for updates on the All-Star Weekend.

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The Canadian-American Junior Hockey League (CAJHL) is a premier junior hockey league consisting of teams from Canada. The league provides a platform for young athletes to develop their skills and pursue their dreams of playing professional hockey. With a focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, and community involvement, the CAJHL is committed to fostering the growth and success of its players both on and off the ice.