CAJHL addresses poaching of teams


The Canadian-American Junior Hockey League

September 30, 2023

CAJHL addresses poaching of teams

Vegreville, AB - The Canadian-American Junior Hockey League is an up and coming Junior A hockey league. It is concerned about recent developments in the hockey world and the  trend of other hockey leagues poaching teams from other leagues is threatening the stability and integrity of the sport.

There has been an increase in instances where teams from established hockey leagues are being targeted by other leagues. This aggressive approach not only undermines the hard work and dedication of the teams and players involved but also disrupts the balance and competitive nature of the sport.

“The league previously under the GMHL West banner now called the National Junior Hockey League, has now poached a team from the CAJHL. The CAJHL has a valid license agreement in place with the Vulcan Rampage and also helped secure the ice agreement at the Vulcan Arena through the Town of Vulcan. It was the reputation of the CAJHL that helped secure this ice arena agreement and we will pursue all legal options available to us.”, said CAJHL Commissioner Darryl Olsen.

At the CAJHL, we firmly believe in fair competition and the importance of maintaining the integrity of hockey leagues. We are committed to fostering an environment where teams can thrive and grow within their respective leagues, without the fear of being poached or destabilized by other organizations.

The impact of this poaching trend is far-reaching. It not only affects the teams and players involved but also has negative consequences for the fans, sponsors, and the overall hockey community. The instability caused by these actions can lead to a loss of trust and support from fans, as well as financial challenges for teams and leagues.

The CAJHL is actively working with various hockey organizations, stakeholders, and communities to address this issue head-on. We are committed to promoting fair play, transparency, and stability within the CAJHL. 

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