CAJHL Players Special Offer And Scouting Update

The Pre Draft Combine has entered into a scouting enhancement program with the CAJHL for its players.  All CAJHL players will now be able to attend Pre Draft Combine events and receive all Pre Draft Combine benefits and exposure by registering. No event helps more players reach the next levels like the Pre Draft Combine. 

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The Pre Draft Combine is excited to announce it will be partnering with RinkNet to have all combine participants' profiles within the RinkNet Scouting system.  All Pre Draft Combine statistics from the events will also be added to your RinkNet profile.  All players registering will receive an email including the the RinkNet link to fill out your player profile.  

Rinknet is the scouting software used by all NCAA, NHL, USHL, and NAHL teams.

The Pre Draft Combine is also happy to announce that it has been determined to be NCAA compliant and that schools are already committing to attend one or more events.  Early commitments have been received from the following schools;

University of Minnesota




Early commitments have also been received from USHL, NAHL and NCDC programs.

No less than thirty more NCAA programs are expected to attend one or more of the Pre Draft Combine events.  These programs will be announced as they receive clearance from their respective NCAA compliance offices.

Since 2002, the Pre-Draft Combine has been bringing together players, parents, coaches, and scouts in an environment designed to foster development, promotion, and education about reaching their unique next-level goals. 

The Pre-Draft Combines, conducted by experienced and professional staff, are meticulously crafted to offer education, exposure, and experience for aspiring players seeking to advance their hockey development at the junior and college levels.

Scouting is defined by the regular numbers of NCAA, USHL, NAHL, NCDC, Major Junior, and Canadian Junior A teams that attend Pre Draft Combine events.

Success is defined by the hundreds of players moving on to the next levels of their careers directly after participating in Pre Draft Combine Events.

To Register visit Pre-Draft Combine

During the event you will receive:

Presentations from NCAA, NCDC, NAHL and Canada Tier II coaches

Seminars on your path through Junior, NCAA and Pro hockey

Scouting from NHL, NCAA, USHL, NAHL, NCDC and Canadian Tier II

Direct interaction with scouts from all levels around the world

Game statistics included on your Elite Prospects profile

Your player profile published on The Junior Hockey News

Your player profile published in The 2024 Draft Guide 

Coaching from NCAA, NCDC, NAHL and Canada Tier II coaches

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All dates and locations are available on Pre-Draft Combine

Don't miss your opportunity to get the exposure you want and need.  The Pre Draft Combine is the only event that can give you exposure to the top-level teams and leagues at one time.