CAJHL to use 4 man system in league

With special thanks to our referees and our Referee in Chief, Mike Dobson, the suggestion of going to a 4 person system (2 referees and 2 lines individuals) will be adopted the league play for the 2023/24 season and beyond. 

The Canadian - American Hockey League announced today that commencing this season the League will employ the two-person refereeing and two person lining system for all pre-season, regular season and play off games. 

In making the announcement, Referee in Chief, Mike Dobson, proposed the system with feedback provided by current officials within the league. 

"Our commitment to opening up the game and allowing our skilled players the optimum opportunity to showcase their skills was discussed at meetings during the month of August, involving our League’s Board of Directors, Commissioner and myself.

Such meetings resulted in the unanimous support that the League adopt the two-person refereeing system recognizing that the new standard of enforcement and rules will be best achieved and maintained with the two-person refereeing system. 

The officials were consulted and we are truly grateful for their willingness to work with the league in an effort to improve the game. 

We are extremely positive that our commitment to opening up the game will best serve the interests of the overall development of our players as they strive for an opportunity to play in higher levels of hockey and as well for our fans who will have an even greater opportunity to see the players demonstrate their high level of skill.”

Thank you to the CAJHL officials and to Referee in Chief, Mike Dobson in working with the League to achieve this result.