CAJHL to use HeadCheck concussion protocols

July 31, 2023

The Canadian-American Junior Hockey League is pleased to announce that it will be using HEADCHECK Health for its concussion protocol process moving into the 2023/24 season and beyond.

HEADCHECK, a concussion testing and management solution, simplifies the implementation and execution of concussion protocols by leveraging mobile, cloud, and analytic technology. All CAJHL teams will use HEADCHECK to conduct baseline, post-injury, and return-to-play concussion tests during the season. Qualified medical professionals involved in clearing concussed players will access test results through HEADCHECK's system, enabling more informed decisions. Moreover, the company will supply the CAJHL with HEADCHECK technology and offer training, advanced analytics, and reporting to help the league enhance its concussion management policies and procedures.

“We value our players and their safety and therefore we have connected with HEADCHECK to ensure that our players are well taken care of. Their safety is of utmost importance to us,” said Darryl "Oly'' Olsen, CAJHL Commissioner. “Team therapists will now have instant access to a reliable concussion assessment tool during practices and games in order to make appropriate sideline medical decisions. The HEADCHECK app will also assist the league with monitoring and tracking league-wide concussion protocol compliance.”

HEADCHECK Health was founded in 2013 from a concussion research lab, aimed to solve an underserved problem taking place across the sports medicine industry: policies meant to keep athletes safe are typically difficult to implement and impossible for administrators to oversee – leaving both athletes and the organizations at risk. Thousands of sports leagues, governing bodies, and regulators have partnered with HEADCHECK to-date, including Major League Soccer, and the BCHL, and their technologies are used in the world's largest sporting events, such as the Olympics and Tour de France.