CAJHL welcomes Southern Alberta Mustangs to the league

The Canadian-American Junior Hockey League is pleased to welcome the Southern Alberta Mustangs to the league.

The Mustangs Hockey Club is owned by Jesse Depew and will be playing out of the Stavely Arena in Stavely, Alberta. 

Stavely is located 110 km south on Highway 2 and is surrounded by farms and ranches. 

Mr. Depew started the Mustangs Hockey program in 2019 in the Premier Hockey League (PHL). They have players from all over Southern Alberta,  Southeastern BC, and Montana. The Mustangs currently have 5 teams in the PHL as well as a 14-team house league in the Lethbridge Area.

The Mustangs Junior A club will be hosting its first ID camp on August 12 & 13 in Lethbridge, Alberta. Make sure to check out their social media and website for all the details. 

Welcome to the CAJHL. We're excited to have you!