Changes to Champions Cup Finals

The Canadian-American Junior Hockey League is changing its format for the Champions Cup Finals starting this season. 

The league will be going to a traditional playoff format to determine the League Champion. For 2023/2024, the team that finishes the regular season in 1st place will receive a "bye" for the first round of playoffs. Teams placing 2 through 7 will be competing in a series of games to determine who moves on. At this time, the 2nd place team will play the 7th place team, 3rd will play 6th and 4th will play against 5th place. 

We anticipate the season will complete in or around April 15th, 2024 with a Champions Cup winner to be announced at that time. 

In the spirit of adapting, improving and moving forward, the CAJHL will continue to advance with significant, positive changes to our league.